Creating Knowledge to Boost Your Decision Making

When humans and artificial intelligence collaborate

We help your organization turn information into knowledge, enhancing your decision-making capabilities, with the ultimate goal of enhancing human capabilities through artificial intelligence.


Give your data a new dimension

dezzai is a modular solution that will become your closest ally in turning innovation into your organization’s competitive advantage

How do we turn text into knowledge?


We generate conversations

Provide your customers with a safe place to share their knowledge and opinions. Through social listening, you will gather accurate data about your audience, their needs, and their behavior.



We ingest the information

Get a data lake tailored to your organization containing the learnings obtained through social listening as well as all the internal and external information, from which you can extract knowledge.



We create knowledge

Once we have all of the relevant data in one place, we can turn it into knowledge, which will become a fully usable asset thanks to a series of interactive analytics and visualization tools.


We put knowledge

in motion

We work side by side with you to co-create a solution in which you will have access to all the knowledge allowing its effective use in improving decision-making.


But it doesn’t end here

dezzai will increase the amount of conversations, data, and knowledge, resulting in better and better KPIs that will bring you closer to achieving your organization’s goals.

From idea to action

To guarantee the success of our projects we have a methodology based on 5 phases:

1. Think

Analyze the business and gather insights

2. Co-create

Design in collaboration with the organization

3. Set Up

Implement the solution

4. Expand

Scale solution to other business units or regions

5. Maintain

Upkeep and upgrade the solution

Proven results in just a few weeks

By combining human and artificial intelligence, dezzai transforms any document type, whether from an internal or external source, into knowledge. Through the use of this knowledge we enhance human capabilities and increase your organization’s performance.



Our proven capabilities give us the ability to co-create a tailor-made solution as promptly as your business requires.

Ready to see what we can do for you?

In the right hands, artificial intelligence can take human performance to a hitherto unimaginable level. Are you ready for evolution?

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