Next Gen Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Search, Analytics and Automation

AI solutions to drive profit with great ROI, speed and ease of implementation

We convert data into business opportunities

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What we do at dezzai

More than 6 years of expertise in:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Enterprise automation & knowledge management:


Understanding a process through

analytics and dashboards


Finding answers through

smart search and Q&A assistants


Finding answers through

smart search and Q&A assistants


Automating tasks through copilot

virtual assistants

Our benefits:

  • Custom-Deployed AI Models:

Providing scalable, accurate, and easily implementable AI models and solutions.

  • Industry-Leading Experience:

Collaborating with top pharmaceutical and medical organizations, government entities, and leading technology and consumer enterprises.

  • End-to-End AI Support:

Offering comprehensive support throughout the AI development lifecycle – from education and conceptualization to Proof of Concept (POC), continuous improvement, and training.

  • Technology Innovation:

Developing proprietary technologies and integrating the best State-of-the-Art (SOTA) solutions, setting us apart from mere “cloud” integrators or software factories.


How do we do it at dezzai?

Through strategic data processing and activation

/01 Extract

Convert or extract text and objects from documents, images, audio, video.

/02 Classify

Recognize and categorize concepts, places, people, dates, entities, products, sentiment, events, quantities, etc.

/03 Analyze

Understand relations and patterns between concepts. Quantify qualitative concepts. Describe, predict and recommend.

/04 Discover & Activate

Visualize process in dashboards, obtain summarized answers & automate recommendations.

Redefining interaction
with data
through Semantic
and Generative Artificial Intelligence

Why dezzai?

AI solutions to drive profit with great ROI, speed and ease of implementation

Efficiency, Customization and Scalability

Our solutions are designed to exceed expectations, delivering results that drive customer success. Each project is approached with rapid implementation, customized solutions and scalability that adapts to your evolving needs. 

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Tailored Solutions for your Success

We offer customized solutions that perfectly fit your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to optimize processes, improve decision making or explore new technological frontiers, we’re here to make your goals a reality.

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Areas of expertise

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We offer deep analysis of enterprise data through a unique generative artificial intelligence platform. Our services are designed to improve strategic decision making in enterprises through advanced AI models and detailed analysis. We work to improve operations and customer experience through the implementation of innovative data-driven solutions.

Marketing & Business

Marketing & Business

Our focus is on understanding the voice of the customer. We use this information to improve personalization, increase conversion and customer satisfaction. In addition, we employ industry intelligence to forecast trends and make informed strategic decisions. 



We develop customized artificial intelligence models specifically for the healthcare sector, allowing us to analyze medical data from a variety of sources and formats. We focus on improving the quality of patient care and increasing patient satisfaction through our solutions.

Use cases

We deliver a cutting-edge technological platform and top-tier consulting services to seamlessly implement advanced process automation across business, marketing, and human resources in just a matter of weeks.


  • Sales performance 
  • Product recommendations & information 
  • Client Support


    • Marketing performance 

    • Brand Management & Reputation 
    • Market Research
    • Content & Lead Generation

      Customer support

      • Customer service performance

      • Client satisfaction
      • Quality control

        Human resources

        • Training

        • On-boarding
        • Recruiting
        • Retention
        • Workplace climate
        • Career development

          Internal support

          • Document information retrieval & summatization

          • Questionanswering
          • Internal content & document creation

            We have first class CUSTOMERS

            And we work hand in hand with our strategic PARTNERS

            Microsoft Azure
            Huawei Cloud
            Google Cloud
            Universal Doctor

            Our guarantees


            We have the expertise to comply with the highest standards of healthcare, data privacy, and enterprise compliance.


              We can deploy solutions on premise, private or public clouds. We provide anonimization and encryption layers.


                We deliver optimized AI models and solutions designed for scalabillity and high performance.


                  We integrate our solutions into third party solutions and legacy systems.


                    We provide training, education, onboarding and support in our projects from ideation to implementation.

                      dezzai in numbers

                      dezzai is considered by the London School of Economics as one of Europe’s most promising technology scale-ups


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