Use case

Recommendation system to increase customer satisfaction, sales and reduce churn rate

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way users interact with content and what do they expect from brands.

With growing information density and product overload, companies are not maximizing their content and user data to meet customer expectations more efficiently and ensure that the customer experience is more personalized.

customized search engine

What do we solve?

The traditional solutions that are currently used for content management, CRM’s, and e-commerce lack the necessary analytical abilities to exploit data and match relevant suggestions with user behaviour. Collecting and integrating is a critical part of the user analysis process, but this requires a higher quality system. 

How do we solve it?

dezzai Semantic AI platform will:

Create a single datalake to accumulate content and user data and merge data points from different sources and formats.

Implement algorithms to increase the accuracy of matching between products, content, and users.

Embed the recommendation system into a third-party CMS, CRMs, e-commerce software etc.

WHAT do we deliver

smart search engine
  • A custom recommendation system of contents and products which delivers more accurate personalized suggestions-actions. This tool can foresee user behaviour and choices with state-of-the-art machine learning models, to make sure that suggestions are more relevant to the user.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Use multiple data sets to increase engagement and drive higher conversions, increase revenue, and enhance average order value
Improve product cross-selling and inventory optimization
Reduces workload, cost of operation, churn rate
Generates insights for decision making

Use cases

Content recommendation (CMS), e-commerce product recommendation, CRM product – offer recommendation


Social networking

Advertising engine


Collaboration filtering

User segmentation and clustering


Knowledge base recommendations


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