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Our Commitment to Excellence and Quality

Since its inception, dezzai has pursued excellence as a goal, establishing a framework for both Quality and Information Security. The company has obtained key certifications, including ISO27001, and CE Marking, and adheres to 13485 and MDR745 standards. 

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The ISO27001 certification highlights its commitment to information security, ensuring the protection of key operational data. The scope applies to the entire hierarchy and company, covering all production, design, development, testing, and deployment processes, involving IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Business, and Management.

ISO 13485

The ISO13485 standard, specific to medical devices, establishes a quality framework ensuring that products maintain high standards from the beginning of their design, development, testing, and deployment. 


Adherence to MDR745 reinforces dezzai’s position in the healthcare industry, imposing stringent requirements for evaluating and ongoing surveillance of medical devices. 

The expansion process in each market requires regulatory compliance in each country. Therefore, dezzai has obtained the American patent number for one of our most innovative products, Dentomo, and the corresponding certificate in Russia.  

In summary, dezzai stands out for its quality products and services and its strong commitment to information security and excellence in medical device manufacturing. It is positioned as a reliable and visionary choice in its industry. 

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