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Technology on its own cannot guarantee success; it must be combined with the efforts, values and attitudes of the people behind it.

dezzai was born within MMG, a factory of ideas that improve the accessibility, creation, and exchange of knowledge through Artificial Intelligence solutions.

We like to think that with each new solution, project, or idea, we provide people and organizations with the tools that improve their decision-making. Precisely for this reason, we are aware that the engine of innovation is not technology, but people

Conscequently, we have assembled a team that is, above all, human – with its goals, aspirations, and illusions. In this doing so, we ensure that both dezzai and the rest of our solutions arise from empathy, becoming another piece within the gears of the organizations.

Our values



We act responsibly individually and as a group. We understand responsibility in a broad sense, towards the company, our colleagues and society



We work with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence / we adopt cutting-edge technology


We work with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence / we adopt cutting-edge technology



We put our customers at the centre of all our actions


We have the ability to react and adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment



We have the ability to react and adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment

global reach

Global reach

We develop innovative technological solutions which have a global reach, and that cover needs in different regions and industries

Our purpose

To strengthen decision-making and knowledge for companies, through semantic artificial intelligence and computer vision, generating value for our customers, individuals and society

Our leadership team


Fernando Bayón | CTO

Fernando, the tech brain, is able to combine business vision with two of his greatest passions: technology and Artificial Intelligence while building effective Data & Analytics teams, data science and application developments based on agile methodology.

Arni Giraldo

Arni Giraldo | CDO and cofounder

After his extensive experience as a manager in the audiovisual sector, Giraldo became involved in the foundation of dezzai to contribute his leadership skills to the project, with which he intends to help companies reach their maximum potential through Artificial Intelligence.
Luis Velasco

Luis Velasco | CFO and cofounder

With a clear entrepreneurial vocation and visionary spirit, the economist and lawyer Luis Velasco has founded and manages different companies, among which dezzai represents the value of innovation and the power of knowledge.
Luis Velasco

Omar Larios | COO

Omar, the strategic visionary. With over 12 years of experience in marketing and business development across B2B, FMCG, and startups, he has demonstrated leadership in marketing and business teams. As an entrepreneur, he developed a B2B marketplace for Latin America and a political NGO in Mexico. His strongest areas include marketing and business strategy, communications, and product development. Since joining dezzai in 2017, he has overseen international operations in LATAM and HQ, excelling in translating industry needs into technological solutions.
Luis Velasco

Alba de Blas | CMO

Alba, the creative marketing mind. With a solid background in marketing and digital business and over 10 years of experience, she is an expert in SCRUM, Adwords, and SEO. She has overseen promotions, launched products, and crafted innovative social media campaigns. Her mastery of agile methodology makes her an effective team manager, focused on the digital landscape and continuous improvement in marketing.
Luis Velasco

Javier Estrada | CHRO

Since 2022, he has been the CHRO of dezzai, managing the people area, relationships with universities and business schools, and leading the generative-based HR vertical. With a degree in business studies from Universidad San Pablo CEU and an MBA/Master in European Business from ESCP-EAP Business School, he has managed HR operations in over 40 countries across 5 continents. His versatile profile combines strategic capability and operational experience across diverse industries and cultures, bringing a comprehensive and global vision to dezzai.

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