Custom search engine that delivers fast and accurate answers

Information retrieval is an essential piece of the puzzle in decision making when it comes to knowledge management.

Traditional search technology solutions do not draw the level of accuracy needed and are not fit for technical domains such as finance, medicine, legal, and enterprise. Also, at a human level, the cost is too high to thoroughly search through these traditional engines to find the most specific information available.

customized search engine

What do we solve?

There is a need for a more sophisticated solution that generates the most accurate information possible that is based on the user’s search intent, and context. Also, people search for topics and questions using a wide variety of ways, languages, and tones, which can lead to ambiguity. So, search engines need to have the capacity to understand the relationship between words, using semantic search.

How do we solve it?

dezzai Semantic AI platform will:

Integrate all documents into a single knowledge base


Detect and codify concepts in each document

Implement document ranking algorithms based on end-user needs

Deploy the service as stand alone, API or integrated into a third-party solution

WHAT do we deliver

smart search engine

A semantic search engine that retrieves information from a centralized knowledge base. A simple interface to easily find accurate answers asking questions in a human way. This enriched search engine provides users with the best answers and gives data a more enhanced meaning in virtual assistant solutions for businesses.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Increases user satisfaction and experience, by easily finding the right answers they need, and reduces time spent finding this relevant information 
Enhanced business intelligence and allows companies to build better relationships with their users/customers
Facilitates discovering related content (cross-selling)
Generates insights for decision making

Creates new revenue streams 

Optimizes SEO for content
Reusable, scalable

Use cases

search engines

Search engines

knowledge base search

Knowledge base search

user support

User support

product information

Product information


search engines

Voice search

content recommendation

Content recommendation
and ranking

Search ads

Search ads and marketing campaigns

scientific research

Scientific research documentation

augmented smart devices

Augmented smart devices

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