Computer vision solutions to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of medical pathologies in 2D and 3D images


What do we solve?

The analysis of 2D and 3D images is a critical process in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of different pathologies. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to scale up the speed of image processing with a better degree of accuracy, positively impacting clinical performance. Leveraging machine learning models and generative artificial intelligence, our solutions embody the forefront of artificial intelligence companies’ innovations, tailored specifically for AI for business applications in the healthcare sector.

How do we solve it?

Through Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, we process large banks of medical images previously tagged by an expert. This approach allows us to develop AI models for the detection, classification, and monitoring of diseases, treatments, and interventions in various clinical specialties. As a leading AI software development firm, we employ intelligent agents and machine vision systems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of treatments, thus enhancing patients’ quality of life.

WHAT do we deliver


Algorithms for detection and classification of medical pathologies based on 2D, 3D and video images, showcasing our capability in generative AI applications.

Visualization tool to aid with diagnosis and treatment, integrating AI data visualization techniques for clearer, more insightful imaging results.

PAC / third party system integrations, ensuring our platforms can seamlessly communicate with existing healthcare IT ecosystems, a testament to our artificial intelligence solutions.

Service deployment via API, aligning with the AI service paradigm for ease of integration and use.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Ad-hoc algorithms for applications/specialties, demonstrating the bespoke nature of our artificial intelligence development projects. 

Services deployed via cloud/on-site, catering to diverse operational needs with our artificial intelligence for business framework.

Continuous re-training based on expert usage, a core aspect of our machine vision applications to ensure our ai model development remains at the cutting edge.

Possibility of integration with third party text analytics services, leveraging our autonomous artificial intelligence capabilities for enhanced diagnostics and treatment planning.

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