Virtual assistant for the optimization and improvement of occupational risk prevention management

Sector: Prevention of occupational hazards · Client: Vitaly

Project duration
3 months

Technologies used

  1. Information Retrieval System (IR)
  2. LLM

What do we resolve?

In the complex web of occupational health and safety regulations, companies constantly face significant challenges in complying with current regulations. Legislation on occupational risk prevention is not only extensive, but also varied across regions and sectors, which adds an additional layer of difficulty for its correct interpretation and application. This scenario is further complicated by the frequent updates and modifications to the laws, which seek to adapt to the new realities of the labor world and technological advances. Given this reality, the need for efficient tools to facilitate the understanding and application of these regulations becomes evident. 

How do we resolve it?

Through a digital assistant specifically designed to resolve doubts and provide accurate guidance on occupational risk prevention, which can be the key for companies not only to comply with their legal obligations, but also to foster a safer and healthier work environment. Such a wizard would enable OHS managers to access crucial information immediately and reliably, thus ensuring the effective implementation of required safety practices. 

The assistant presented here is mainly composed of three parts: a database with all the Spanish legislation in force in the field of occupational risk prevention, a system for the prevention of occupational hazards, a system for the prevention of accidents, and a system for the prevention of occupational hazards. 

What results do we achieve?


documents processed


of access to information


Optimization of consultation times
with respect to PRL queries


Savings in consulting hours

of around 100,000 euros in
3 months

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