Software for the centralization of contract appeal decisions in Spain 

Access to all public contract decisions in one place.


What do we solve?

LEYIA arrives on the market to solve a widespread problem in the legal world regarding the efficient and effective search for legal information. Here, we are talking about Administrative Courts decisions (for example, the Central Administrative Court of Contract Appeals has multiplied its decisions by 600% in the last 10 years), which are currently still disjointed and whose specialized search requires valuable time that until now new technologies had not been able to optimize.

How do we solve it?

A search engine for Spanish public contracts court rulings powered by Artificial Intelligence. The tool allows you to locate the best public procurement resolutions among all legal cases in a faster and more intelligent way, in turn reducing time and effort.

WHAT do we deliver

This tool that centralizes all the different court resolutions offers:

smart search engine

Search filters according to the type of contract, act appealed, or the type of decision or procedure. This feature acts as a resolution finder, helping you navigate through the vast sea of legal data.

Notifications to alert you to the emergence of a new decision that closely matches the selected case, especially focusing on contractual remedies and special appeal contracting matters.

An interface to search for public contracts effectively, aiding in understanding the nuances of administrative court contractual appeals.

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Download our brochure to have more information on the use case:

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