Omnichannel customer analytics: a customer data platform powered by Artificial Intelligence

In today’s digital landscape, success hinges on a company’s ability to aggregate, analyze, and activate user behaviors across various channels. This is where our platform excels, leveraging advanced semantic search technologies and knowledge management systems to provide a comprehensive solution for data integration, enrichment, and activation.


What do we solve?

Businesses often struggle to unify user data due to the disparate nature of their systems and data formats. Our platform addresses this challenge head-on. Utilizing knowledge-based software, including semantic search engines and knowledge management tools, it enables companies to construct enriched, single-identity user profiles. This holistic approach ensures a seamless user experience across all touchpoints of the customer journey, laying the foundation for personalized product recommendations and strategies.

How do we solve it?

dezzai Semantic AI platform will:

Ingest all the user data points from multiple sources

Link the data and enrich the user profile

Segment and create recommendations based on behavior and clustering

Generate dashboards to visualize data

Automate marketing and business actions per user per channel or we integrate with third party tools

WHAT do we deliver


Our platform stands out by enabling the integration, enrichment, and activation of customer data across multiple formats and customer journey phases. It employs conversational AI for enterprise to automate interactions and uses AI content personalization to tailor recommendations and content to each user’s preferences. This approach not only enhances content customization but also ensures consistent and coherent brand communication across all channels.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Reduces the operational cost

Integrates cross-channel data

Increases user satisfaction through personalization, conversion rates, up selling, cross selling

Enables centralization of user enriched ID profiles

Maintains brand communication coherence in multiple channels

Use cases

Real-time customer behavior insights, customer segmentation, traits, audiences, recommendations


Monetize segmented ads through user data

Explore customer unmet needs to create new content or products


Automate marketing actions through multiple channels

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