Artificial vision to increase volume and speed of image analysis and video analysis

The fundamental challenge posed to human vision is its very limited capacity to work rapidly with a high amount of data. Specifically, to detect and process screen image-based patterns


What do we solve?

Computer vision powered by machine learning models and the dezzai Semantic AI platform can address these challenges.

Human expertise is a key part of any process. In this case, human vision is based on a lifetime of learning, context recognition, recognition of objects, and human facial recognition. But human vision is limited in terms of volume and speed of image processing, which leads to an increase in costs and overexertion in workload for companies. However, computer vision can artificially imitate human vision to improve accuracy and scale the volume and speed of still and dynamic image processing. Computer vision is similar to human vision in that it can observe and understand. But the great advantage with artificial vision is that it does this in much less time with much more data.

How do we solve it?

dezzai Semantic AI platform will:

Train algorithms with data and human experts

Implement detection, classification, and prediction models

Ingest and analyze data

Generate dashboards to interact with data or integrate with third-party solutions

Automate actions based on rules or decision trees

WHAT do we deliver

  • Algorithms for detection, classification, and monitorization of patterns-events-trends in 2D, 3D, and video images. The aim of this tool is to derive meaningful information by using machine learning models to unlock data faster.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Increases rate of detection and improves accuracy
Boost employee efficiency and simplify workload which reduces the cost of operation
Reduces risk and improves compliance
Improve customer experience and deliver innovative products
Removes human bias and environmental restrictions

Use cases

Radiology (XRAY, CBCT, TAC) image analysis for diseases, and treatments


Industry facilities risk management, quality assurance, digital statistics

Image and video content classification, copyright


Automation integration

Security screening and monitoring (behavior, intent, object position)


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