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In an ocean of online interactions, Mediatraker is your beacon of clarity. As the digital world expands, with an expected 5.3 billion internet users by 2023, understanding the collective voice of your audience is crucial.

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Mediatraker harnesses the dynamic social interaction across locations, cultures, and industries, transforming it into actionable insights. We tap into the power of social listening, online reputation management, and social media management, decoding consumer behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes in a world where legacy media still commands 300 minutes of Americans’ daily attention.

What do we solve?

The digital age presents both opportunities and challenges. Mediatraker addresses these by:

Identifying the growth trajectory in social listening tools and the increasing adoption rate among professionals.

Understanding the significance of digital proliferation and the undiminished relevance of legacy media.

Recognizing the gap in enterprise data integration and audience insights relevance.

Ensuring you’re not just part of the conversation about your brand, industry, products, and performance but leading it.

How do we solve it?


Mediatraker integrates cutting-edge Semantic AI to:

Ingest and analyze data from diverse digital landscapes, from traditional TV and radio to social platforms.

Transform multiformat content and decipher underlying concepts, linking all data points.

Employ sophisticated algorithms for detailed segmenting and action planning.

Offer tailored dashboards and tools for real-time brand reputation, content trend identification, and competitor monitoring.

What do we deliver?

Mediatraker provides a comprehensive solution for social listening:

  • From raw data to actionable insights: Leverage our AI for high-quality data processing.

    Multi-source data intake: Capture brand mentions and market trends across an array of sources.

    Customized dashboards: Understand and tailor your strategies to the voice of your stakeholders.

    CRM integration: Enhance marketing strategies with personalized content.

    Advanced Semantic AI Engine: Profiling products, brands, personalities, and consumer behavior for nuanced understanding and engagement.

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