Companies Using Generative AI: Examples of ChatGPT in Action 2023

August 30th 2023

companies using generative ai

The future is here, and it’s powered by AI! Companies are no longer just dabbling; they’re diving deep with tools like the sensational ChatGPT. Eager to know which trailblazers are leading the pack?

Keep reading to see companies using generative AI to reshape their industries.

In the competitive world of modern business, staying ahead means embracing the latest technological advancements. Enter generative AI. With companies like Microsoft and Expedia leading the charge, the corporate world is witnessing an AI-driven paradigm shift. Imagine leveraging an AI tool that streamlines search processes or provides dynamic customer experiences, all tailored to individual needs. What’s more, this isn’t restricted to tech behemoths. From Duolingo’s tailored language instruction to Coca Cola’s AI-enhanced marketing, diverse industries are reaping the benefits.

For today’s business professionals, understanding how companies are using generative AI isn’t just fascinating—it’s essential. Join us as we delve into the real-world applications revolutionizing the business landscape. Your roadmap to the future of enterprise innovation starts here.

Expedia: Revolutionizing Travel Planning


Expedia, a recognized leader in the travel industry, has raised the bar by integrating conversational AI into its platform. Through the prowess of ChatGPT, Expedia now offers a sophisticated virtual travel agent, streamlining the planning process. Instead of the traditional method of sifting through flights and hotels, business professionals can now engage in a conversation, receiving tailored recommendations that align with their specific needs. This strategic embrace of ChatGPT not only reflects Expedia’s commitment to innovation but also significantly elevates the user experience for the discerning traveler.

Microsoft: Reinventing Search with ChatGPT


Microsoft, a stalwart in the tech arena, consistently remains on the cutting edge of AI innovations. Their strategic collaboration with OpenAI and the adoption of advanced language models, such as GPT-3 and GPT-4, stands testament to this commitment. By incorporating these models into their Bing search engine, Microsoft offers professionals an enriched, conversational search experience. No longer confined to standard search outputs, users can now engage in dynamic interactions with Bing. Beyond search, Microsoft’s roadmap includes integrating ChatGPT into cornerstone software like Word and Excel, underscoring their pursuit of heightened productivity and user-centric advancements.

Duolingo: Personalized Language Learning


Duolingo, a favorite among language enthusiasts, has brilliantly tapped into GPT-4, the latest and greatest of the ChatGPT family. With Duolingo Max on board, learners get feedback that feels just like a chat with a seasoned tutor—clarifying doubts and shining a light on those tricky questions. But that’s not all. Ever imagined practicing a new language with characters that have their own stories? Duolingo’s AI personas, powered by GPT-4, make that a reality. Dive into conversations with these unique virtual buddies and experience learning that’s both deeply immersive and genuinely enjoyable.

Coca Cola: Crafting Personalized Experiences


Coca Cola, everyone’s beloved beverage brand, has teamed up with the savvy folks at Bain & Company. Their mission? Harnessing the magic of ChatGPT and Dall-E, a cool image-creating tool, to take their marketing game to the next level. With these AI wonders, Coca Cola is whipping up tailor-made ads, visuals, and messages that truly click with each one of us. It’s not just about selling a drink—it’s about forming genuine connections and memorable moments. Thanks to generative AI, Coca Cola is crafting experiences that make us feel seen, heard, and valued.

Snap Inc: AI-Powered Social Messaging


Snap Inc, the brains behind our go-to Snapchat app, has added a sprinkle of conversational AI magic to spice up user chats. Meet “My AI”—it’s like that always-online buddy on your friend list, ready to chime in with answers, advice, or a bit of fun. Need gift ideas? Trip planning tips? Or a nifty dinner recipe? My AI’s got your back. With ChatGPT in the mix, Snap Inc is offering us a social messaging space that’s not just about chats, but richer interactions and shared moments.

Slack: Boosting Productivity with ChatGPT


Slack, everyone’s favorite digital team huddle space, has stepped up its game with a touch of ChatGPT magic. Picture this: a handy AI assistant right in your Slack, ever-ready to help streamline those team chats. Got questions? Need to refine that workflow? Or perhaps a nudge in the right direction on a project? The ChatGPT-powered buddy in Slack is all about giving you that edge. It’s like having an extra team member who’s all about boosting productivity and making sure everyone’s vibing in sync. Teamwork just got a techy upgrade!

Octopus Energy: AI-Powered Customer Service


Octopus Energy, a leading light in the UK’s energy sector, has smartly woven ChatGPT into its customer care tapestry. So, what’s changed? Well, imagine getting your questions answered faster and more efficiently. Thanks to this AI-backed chatbot, the majority of customer inquiries get sorted without breaking a sweat. The result? Happier customers, swifter responses, and a customer service team that’s got a high-tech wingman. This chatbot isn’t just any tool – it’s like having an entire team of specialists, ensuring every Octopus Energy customer feels heard and valued. Cheers to tech making waves in energy!

Cheggmate: AI Assistance for Student Support


Cheggmate, every college student’s study buddy, has taken a futuristic leap with ChatGPT. Ever had a burning question late at night? Or maybe an assignment riddle you couldn’t crack? This spruced-up AI chatbot is now on standby, ready to assist! Thanks to ChatGPT, Cheggmate is more resourceful and swift, giving students that extra push toward academic success. Here’s to integrating cutting-edge tech with education, elevating every student’s learning journey!

Freshworks: Accelerating Software Development


Freshworks, renowned in the software realm, has smartly tapped into ChatGPT to supercharge their software development pace. With this AI buddy in tow, their talented coding team has trimmed down project timelines from 10 weeks to just under one. Impressive, right? This swift approach ensures Freshworks remains on the frontlines, dishing out top-notch solutions promptly and staying a cut above in the bustling tech arena.

American Express: Enhancing Customer Marketing


American Express, a name we all trust in the financial world, has given a hearty nod to AI-powered chatbots for spicing up their customer marketing game. By weaving these chatbots into their SMS campaigns, they’ve seen a notable uptick in customer engagement and smashing their set targets. And guess what? These savvy bots aren’t just about sending messages—they offer tailored recommendations and timely reminders. The result? Marketing that truly resonates and happier customers all around.


Wrapping things up, isn’t it mind-blowing to see the magic generative AI tools, especially ChatGPT, are weaving in the business world? From redefining customer journeys to supercharging workflows, companies using generative AI are on the frontline of innovation. And guess what? As AI keeps evolving, there’s no ceiling to what’s possible! So, for businesses hungry for growth and ready to ride the digital wave, the AI toolkit is your golden ticket. The future is bright, and it’s AI-powered!

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