Use case

A content management solution to match customer needs with uniquely tailored content

Companies lack the ability to match content to specific user preferences

Content is difficult to access as it is distributed among different webpages and apps, and many companies are unaware of content trends that are present on external social media platforms, which could be of interest to their own users

smart content

What do we solve?

Companies need high performing content that discovers and targets specific consumer needs. Without this they can easily fall behind their competition and lose contact with their customers. 

How do we solve it?

dezzai Semantic AI platform will:

Integrate all user datapoints from different systems and sources

Enrich user profiles with behavioural data and match their preferences with actual content

Identify similar trend content in external platforms and integration into the organization CMS

Create user segments based on their similarities and implement content recommendations

Build dashboards to measure the system performance

Improve the algorithms based on user data behavior

WHAT do we deliver

smart content
  • A content management solution which suggests the best content for a user profile given an internal or external document-text related content database. The smart content engine combines artificial intelligence and business intelligence to create content that is relevant, dynamic and adapts to the target audience. 

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Improved targeting leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement
Personalised customer experience generates a higher user retention
Improved bounce rate, conversion rate, churn rate
Improved and measurable ROI
Enables automatic optimization and a better targeting for CRM or marketing software

Consistent brand communication between different channels

Improved content discovery
Optimizes SEO and SEM

Use cases

Improved targeting leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement


Content segmentation by device types, lifecycle stage of clients, locations, and languages

Product information, customer support, FAQ, knowledge databases


CRM personalized communications

Content trends and campaigns performance


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