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Curate, analyze and summarize content with Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, all companies need different types of content across different channels. But creating content from zero can be a long and tedious process for humans to carry out.


What do we solve?

Given the infinite amount of information available companies do not have the time to curate, analyze, and summarize content that is fresh and pertinent to their audience. Allocating the necessary time also puts a large strain on budgets. This presents the need for automatic content curation. By automizing the process of researching and analyzing material, companies can ensure that they are producing high-quality and credible content for their audiences.

WHAT do we deliver

smart search engine
  • Our semantic engine curates and generates summarizations of topics or themes based on large databases of text-based documents. This tool, which combines artificial intelligence and human expertise, helps to discover different content from relevant and reputable sources, summarize it and create content for specific users. While maintaining a low cost and avoiding human bias.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Maintain visibility across different channels while keeping costs down
Increases customer satisfaction through personalized content
Reduces time required for manual processing by human experts

Summaries reduce reading time (improve conversion and retention)
Supports researching documents (ranking)
Improves effectiveness of indexing and removes human summarizers bias
Remove language barriers


Use cases


Media monitoring and clipping


Newsletter generation

brand reputation

Search marketing and SEO analysis


Company reports and internal project documentation


Financial research


Legal contract analysis


Customer and product FAQ bots


Video to text translation


Educational content summarization


Science and technical topics and articles curation


Patent research


Content creation

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