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A New Digital Engagement Platform

For pharmaceutical companies, timely and objective information is of ever-increasing importance. What if they could get accurate, real-time information straight from the doctors to promote their products in a personalized way?

dezzai provides you with a more efficient way to gather the knowledge you need to discover and anticipate what medical professionals need.

Digital engagement platform

What do we solve?

Traditional pharma companies’ offline channels for contacting physicians, such as meetings with pharmaceutical representatives, conferences or direct mail, have proven to have great limitations in terms of their flexibility, immediacy, comprehensiveness, and accuracy. Furthermore, they lead to enormous costs of conducting market research and promoting products in the traditional way.

Besides solving or improving these aspects, a digital relationship channel provides doctors with a safe space in which they can connect with other professionals and key opinion leaders or find relevant information.

In this way, social listening becomes a new opportunity to learn about the opinions and real needs of medical professionals.

How do we solve it?

We offer you an innovative encrypted platform that will allow you to build a virtual medical community. There, users will be able to exchange opinions, participate in discussions and debates, as well as obtain relevant information. Our safety features ensure that medical professionals feel safe on the platform, knowing that sensitive data is secure and that other members are verified.

In this way, you will be able to understand and segment users according to their opinions and behavior, anticipate their needs, and personalize messages. And all in real-time.

dezzai provides you with:

– The immediacy and flexibility of a digital channel
– A place where doctors and key opinion leaders can speak freely, so you get comprehensive, accurate, and first-hand information.
Bi-directionality: listen, ask questions, and generate debates in real-time.
– A single place to research the market and promote your products.

Why artificial intelligence?

To understand: We classify the professionals according to their profile, opinions, and debates of interest.
To personalize: We adapt the messages and contents to each user.

What does the organization get in return?

– Knowledge of doctors’ psychography and opinions.
– Detection of trends.
– Detection of needs.
Brand awareness.
– Competitor monitoring.
– Post-marketing drug surveillance.
– More efficient decision making.
Reduction/optimization of the marketing budget.
– Launching of customized marketing actions.

What do doctors and researchers get in return?

– Access to medical tools anytime, anywhere.
Exclusive online community for them and their peers.
Secure and compatible alternative to traditional platforms.
Immediate access to knowledge about drugs, clinical guides, new medical research, and tools of interest.
– Access to interest groups for consultation and discussion.
– Single point of access to professionally validated information on medical specialties
Time saving in the search for information.

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