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Reasoning Engine for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As pharmaceutical companies are attempting to ‘go beyond the pill’ by offering valuable services to a range of stakeholders, the world of Medicine is facing a very different challenge: the frenetic growth of knowledge in the medical field.

A scenario that has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Science magazine, the literature published on the new coronavirus between January and March 2020 exceeded 23,000 articles. It has since doubled every 20 days.

These developments significantly affect key opinion leaders (KOL) their activity can be optimized and speed up by improving knowledge management. Now, pharmaceutical companies can help KOLs with this, thanks to dezzai.

What do we solve?

In 1950 medical knowledge doubled every 50 years. Today it doubles every 73 days. This enormous scientific advance has become, at the same time, in a hindrance for the medical professionals.

With dezzai, pharmaceutical companies can help them overcome this challenge while also providing other valuable services that help them stay up-to-date with latest scientific developments. In this way businesses become much more than pill suppliers: they are building customer loyalty, increasing brand awareness, and improving their position in the market.

How do we solve it?

Using semantic artificial intelligence technology, dezzai extracts and organizes knowledge from thousands of documents. Besides, it provides the user with the necessary tools to simplify and accelerate the management of this knowledge:

Reads and organizes the hidden knowledge in millions of documents.
Measures the similarity between documents.
– Automatically summarizes documents and document sets.
Organizes documents by topic.
– Finds the text that best responds to the user’s query.


The solution is a web-based tool, a Microsoft Word Add-in, a Chatbot or a Voice Assistant to consult the results.  

What do key opinion leaders get in return?

Reference search: Find articles that will serve as reliable sources for your ongoing research paper.
State of the art paper: Obtain abstracts from numerous articles on a chosen topic to speed up the research process while writing state of the art papers and reviews.
Advanced update: Discover the latest publications on each specialty with answer phrase, summaries, and yellow highlights in the documents.
Expanded clinical records: Process your patients’ clinical records to look for trends and patterns in support of your diagnosis and research.

How is dezzai different from other knowledge engines?

Technology dezzai Pubmed


Search by concepts
Q&A Search

Voice Search
Medical domain expertise

Specialized medical domain expertise

A.I. Extractive summaries
Proactive Search
Predictive Search
Multilanguage support

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