Creating Knowledge through data and Real-World Evidence

Artificial intelligence that powers your decision making

dezzai is a modular Semantic AI-based platform which combines Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation and Machine Learning to develop custom technology solutions for the life science industry. Its main focus is to improve decision making by extracting knowledge out of large medical document corpus in unstructured formats applied to a whole range of applications for pharma business, marketing, and medical departments use cases.


To identify, classify and document adverse events in medical literature, digital reports, social media, etc.

Clinical Trials and Observational Studies

To find patient characteristics (symptoms, medication, demographics, family, Journey, etc.) that are relevant or connected to a disease.  

Medical SOTA Summaries

To identify, organize and summarize the most important medical content related to a pathology or disease.

Medical image analysis

Software for pathology detection in CBCT medical images to scale up the speed of processing with a better degree of accuracy.

Medical text analytics

Processing and analysing unexploited clinical data to increase revenue, reduce operational costs and improve compliance.

Value for LifeScience companies

Data management

Hidden knowledge

Medical community

Real-world evidence

Professional knowledge

Visual and interactive tools

Tools for decision making

Tailor-made solutions

dezzai is flexible and adapts to your needs

Bring out all the knowledge of your organization

dezzai analyzes human language, both written and spoken, to generate useful knowledge.

A connected community

A new opportunity to learn about the real opinions and needs of health professionals through social listening, for which we will provide you with a channel where they can communicate freely and safely.

Connecting Data and Real-World Evidence

The combination of knowledge generation and the production of evidence and data based on social listening will help the organization maximize the number of useful insights drawn from the data available.

See for yourself

AI based Pharmacovigilance – Medical Literature

AI based Pharmacovigilance – ICSR management

Real world evidence

Smart Medical Writing

Medical image

Medical text analytics

Ready to see what we can do for you?

In the right hands, artificial intelligence can take human performance to a hitherto unimaginable level. Are you ready for evolution?

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