Use case

Analytics platform for electoral campaigns

Electoral market analysis is fundamental to build a political brand that communicates relevant messages to its audience.


What do we solve?

Social networks are a revolution because in addition to being a communication tool, they are also a great source of data to achieve a deep understanding of the voter. Artificial intelligence allows massive listening on social networks and digital media, to identify opinions, attitudes, and trends so that the candidate can adapt their messages to the language of their different audiences, at the right time, place, time and frequency.

How do we solve it?

Through natural language processing, dezzai’s semantic Artificial Intelligence can analyze large digital content in social networks and web media to understand the concepts contained, their context and associated sentiments to elaborate electoral marketing strategies following the following methodology:

Listening: with the aim of identifying interests, issues, needs, and trends that voters, undecided voters, competitors, and opinion leaders are talking about.

Learning: where content is analyzed with the aim of finding out how politicians position themselves and how their programs and proposals are perceived.

Decide: where the different messages for each segment of the population are outlined, as well as the channel in which they should be broadcast.

Act: automate the distribution of messages and personalized actions through mobile applications, content management systems, web portals, e-mails, etc.

WHAT do we deliver

  • Social listening platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that allows the construction of customized dashboards to support decision making, communication strategy development and campaign performance monitoring. 



✅ Campaign performance and control map

Candidate vs. competitor positioning map

Identification of opinion leaders by category, topic, audience and/or channel

Creation and monitoring of personalized audiences

Trend detection and content recommendations

Media tracking and media clipping

Connection module with third-party tools for marketing automation

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Eliminates bias of traditional market research through direct observation
Reduce investment costs vs. traditional market research methodologies
Immediate feedback is obtained to optimize data-driven marketing actions
Enables the possibility to monitor traditional media (TV-radio)
Centralizes the analysis of information to obtain a 360º vision of the candidate and its competitors.
Reputational crisis risk is reduced and proactively managed

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