Use case

An artificial intelligence solution to analyze different data types and sources

Data is on the rise quicker than ever, and companies need to make sure that they are well-equipped to manage and extract relevant information across different types and sources of data


What do we solve?


The exponential growth in data requires more accurate and deeper insights. Companies are being overwhelmed by manual data organization and retrieval, which in turn makes it harder to exploit meaningful data to its full capacity. Graph analytics make this process much easier by reducing time and effort. It reveals hidden relationships and advanced patterns between entities, such as customers, products, operations, and devices, across big databases. Companies can use these graph analytics to uncover significant, influential, and vital insights more efficiently. 

How do we solve it?


dezzai Semantic AI platform will:

Link concepts contained in documents

Apply algorithms to uncover patterns and insights

Represent the data in customized dashboards for descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.

WHAT do we deliver

  • Descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics service to uncover advanced patterns, clusters, and relations in large databases. This is delivered through customized dashboards to support decision-making. The insights gathered from graph analytics can deliver a deeper understanding of data to positively impact business opportunities.

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence

Merge multiple types of data and sources with minimal effort
Enables interoperability between different systems
Identify and reconfigure overloaded and strained resources
Enables consolidation of user enriched profiles in a centralized identity
Discover new information from previously collected data
Analyze real-time transactions

Use cases


Drug repurposing and drug efficacy


Patient outcome and treatment improvement


Social network analysis

Fake news detection

Fake news and fraud detection


Resource management


Food traceability

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