Use case

Specialized pathologies Q&A search engine

The pharmaceutical industry needs to offer HCPs continuous improvement of content tools through personalization, user experience and engagement.

Offering valuable tools to healthcare professionals for their daily work has become one of the objectives of today’s marketing departments in the industry. 

Q&A search engine

What do we solve?

Healthcare Professionals need to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific developments. But information overload is one of the factors contributing to medical burnout if it is not correctly managed. The need to look for immediate and relevant information has never been as necessary as it is today.  

How do we solve it?

dezzai Semantic AI technology reads documents, extracts and organizes knowledge to look for the best possible answer by delivering the following:

A paragraph and a sentence which best fits your search based on relevance of documents.

Extractive summaries based on a ranking of documents with the highest level of scientific evidence.

WHAT do we deliver

A semantic search engine that provides relevant information on specific pathologies based on natural language searches.

  • It can be integrated into third party portals and websites
  • Constantly updated to offer the most relevant information
  • Intuitive search engine with unique access credentials

Other use cases

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Smart content

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Real world evidence


Medical image

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