Use case

Smart-content platform powered by AI to boost customer engagement

High-value content is an asset that facilitates user conversion if delivered at the right time, to the specific profile and with ongoing consistency across the various touchpoints during the customer journey.

Smart content

What do we solve?

The pharmaceutical industry must deliver smarter, customer-centric interactions to succeed in today’s digital environment. They need to provide highly personalized communications, such as, promotions, messages, tools or information. But, nowadays, content management and creation faces three challenges: high cost of creation, low relevance and lack of customer understanding.

How do we solve it?

dezzai’s semantic AI technology can facilitate user conversion by:

1. Identifying high-value content in external and internal information sources

2. Creating extractive summaries through third-party content 

3. Implementing a tracking system to evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns

WHAT do we deliver

A smart dashboard for business and marketing managers to identify:

  • Content trends by implementing a multichannel listening system
  • Content relevance for specific units of content
  • Content performance through a tracking dashboard
  • Engagement is only successful when the right content and messages are delivered to the right customer at the right moment.

Other use cases

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