How Semantic Artificial Intelligence is disrupting traditional Pharmacovigilance?

November 17, 2021

Pharmacovigilance and Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence to Pharmacovigilance processes

Pharmacovigilance is a critical process in the pharmaceutical industry that can have important consequences to be faced by companies, patients, and the country on a whole.

The increase in adverse event reports (around 10-20% per year), the variety of sources & channels from which the data is received, the human limitations in terms of cost efficiency & errors & the incremented pressure on regulation make the traditional approach of pharmacovigilance costly, and severely limited in terms of volume, speed, and depth.

This free eBook will give you a glimpse on how Semantic Artificial Intelligence can streamline the process of pharmacovigilance in order to reduce costs of manual processing and increase efficiency.

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